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Mom and Child in front of Mr. Potato Head at Disney.  From Let the Light in Photography's Blog

So you take photos of your kids but when do you hand the camera off to someone else to take one of you with your children or of you doing something important in your life?  If you are like most of us, the answer is hardly ever or when someone else insists.  When writing this post, I went to try to find photos with me included in them.  I went to our recent Disney Trip photos because I thought surely I would find some there!  I found TWO!  Over 500 photos and two of them had me in them…sad I tell you….sad!

What I’ve learned about myself is that there are very few times that I actually feel like I look “okay” enough to be photographed.  I either don’t have on make up or it’s worn off, my hair is a mess, I’m not dressed right, I need to lose a few more pounds and so on….

I’ve realized as I have gotten older that I treasure the photos of my parents and grandparents.  I look at them and I don’t notice if their hair or make up was just right or what they were wearing.  I remember what we were doing and how I felt at that time.  How happy we were!  And now those grandparents who have passed away, I realize I have very few photos of me WITH them!  I treasure the ones that I do have.

Your adult children and grandchildren are not going to care if you were a few pounds overweight or if your hair was just right. They will look at the photos with the same admiration I see the photos of my parents and grandparents.

I’m here to issue a challenge for you to make a conscious effort in 2013 to get in more photos!  I’m guilty as well, and therefore, I’m telling my husband and my daughter to start reminding me to hand off the camera.

My TWO Disney Photos are shown here, one at the top and one at the bottom.  These are not professional edited photos, I assure you, but nonetheless, I hope that they serve as a great memory for my daughter when she shares them with her children!

I’m now offering to my Senior Clients a Family Session at a reduced price so that they can have one more family photo before heading off to college, because my thought is my clients spend all of this time and money for photos of their Seniors with this huge milestone in their life but how long has it been since they had a family photo??  I’ve had people tell me, it’s been since their children were in Elementary School!!!

If you want to get in the picture and have some family portraits done, give me a call but most of all I encourage you hand off your camera to someone to take some photos of you with your family just enjoying your daily activities at home, school, vacations etc!

Some of this has even made me wonder if I should offer “Child Only Photo Sessions” in my business anymore???  What are your thoughts??

Happy Snapping!  NOW GO GET IN THOSE PHOTOS!!!

Family Photo at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  From Let the Light in Photography's Blog

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