Why are you not printing your digital photos? | Northern VA Photographer


Custom USB drive for clients from Northern VA Photographer offering Digital Images or FilesSo Seriously…ask yourself why are you not printing your photos??  I’m talking about your personal photos and digitals you get from your photographer like myself…

I’ve learned a lot during two plus years of being in the photography business and one of them is that my clients “WANT” their portraits in a digital format.  I say they want them, but I think it’s because at least in theory they want digital photos.  Why?  Well I believe it’s because they feel they need them.  Why do they need them?  Because they want to have them forever.  Here is my concern with “having your digital files forever”….computers crash, and technology changes every day.   Case in point, remember the first floppy disk on the computers (many) years ago that you hooked up to your television??  When was the last time you saw a computer use one of those?  And truly a CD is becoming a thing of the past and I feel that USB’s are close behind (Plus they are small and easy to lose)!

One of the things that I really have a hard time with is when I see people 6 months later (or more) and they tell me “You know, I never printed those pictures”  This makes me so very sad!  They took time to do the session and paid money to preserve this time in their lives and they haven’t taken the next step to have their portraits printed??

We live in such a digital instant world, we show photos on our phones now, not in a photo book.  We post every photo we take with our phone to Instagram or Facebook.   That’s great for the here and now but what about your children’s children?  How will they see them??  One of my favorite things as a kid was to look at my grandmother’s old photos to see pictures of people I never even knew.  They were fuzzy and brown with yellowed edges but I loved them, and I still do!!

So now that I’ve given you something to think about, consider why are you not printing your photos?   The ones you take yourself or the ones you purchase from me?   I’ll let you ponder that…

This brings me to my New Packages for 2014.  I’m trying something new in hopes to get you to do more with your photos. I am still offering Digital Files but now they will be on a custom USB AND I’m also including some print credits to encourage you to print your photos through my print lab.  I use a print lab that has superior quality for portraits to be displayed in your home and will look stunning.  My hope is to encourage you to do something with your photos to enjoy them everyday, not just when you decide to look back at old Facebook or Instagram Photos!   And yes, I realize I’m offering your digitals on a USB which I just said could get lost, so you need to back them up.  And You do get a nice print credit to get you started with printing your photos! (Return clients can add an additional $50 print credit as well!!)


I recently found a friend who entered into a new home based Business that you might want to consider also for printing photos or photo gifts.  Jeannette Bianchi is now a Heritage Makers consultant and has introduced me to their products!  They have amazing products and I encourage you to take a look at what they have to offer both for your personal photos as well as digital images you purchase from me.  Tell her I sent you!  You can find her page here:  www.heritagemakers.com/jbianchi.  Sign up for a free account and see what they have to offer!

Now, with all of that said…are you ready to schedule a Portrait Session this Spring?   Contact me early for the best dates!!  I’m very excited to start sessions again this Spring  I’m ready for some green again!

Contact me today to schedule your session!  letthelightiphotography@yahoo.com or 703-986-9209