Why you should still take Family Portraits even when your Kids are “Big Kids” | Northern Virginia Family Photographer


Family with older kids posing for family portraits

This family now has both of their kids that have graduated from High School and are off to big things. As I was driving home from their session I was reminded of how important it is for families to have photos taken together at all stages of your family life. I have lots of families with small children that I work with. But it seems like after your children get a little bigger, and are not so small and cuddly anymore, families stop having their pictures taken.

I work with High School Seniors and usually at some point during the session mom brings up how many years it’s been since their family took portraits together. Usually, it’s like when the children were 5-7! That’s a BIG gap you guys!!!

I started offering families of my Seniors a family session package. And after I deliver the pictures, every mom has said “I’m so glad we did this! It’s been so long!” So the moral of my long story to you today is to not let so much time pass without capturing it. Your family is beautiful an amazing in all of their stages. Capture it, remember that time. You’ll be able to show your children as they age and and also your grandchildren what your family looked like through the years. It’s important ya’ll!

Family with college age kids walking together and talkingCouple looking at each other and laughingSenior girl posing for camera by ivy pillar in Bristow VACollege guy kneeling for family portraits near Gainesville VA