What to Wear

One of the biggest questions I am asked is “What do we wear?” My biggest tip is to have your family wear what they feel comfortable in and can move in. If they feel “stuffy” they will act that way.

You want clothing/colors that coordinate but are not “matchy matchy”. I usually suggest choose 2 colors that coordinate with each other and then you can mix in black, white, gray, khaki, even brown sometimes. Layers on women are always nice and flattering. Feel free to send me some images of outfits you are considering and I can help you make some decisions!

Here are a few visual ideas below that will help get your ideas flowing!  You can also follow my Pinterest Board HEREclothing choices for family members for a photos session Family of 4 clothing ideas Ideas for family Portraits what to wear Causal Photo ideas for what to wear for a family portrait session. Outfits for mom dad and kids for family photo session. Family Outfits for a photo session

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