Frequently Asked Questions for Families

How do I schedule a session?

Contact me via email or phone 703-986-9209.  First time clients, I like to set up a time to talk via phone to discuss the packages, location choices and I will answer any questions you may have!  Once we set our date and time, I will send you the online contact.  Your session is considered scheduled and date held once I receive your contract and retainer fee.

How far ahead to I need to book?

I schedule any where from 3-6 months ahead.  I encourage clients to always book early to get their best choice of dates.  Spring and Fall Weekends fill up very fast!  Mid March to end of October, weeknight sessions are available.  It is never too early to schedule!

What time of day do you do Sessions?

The best light of the day is about an hour and half before sunset if we are doing an outdoor session.  For In-Home sessions, I typically start between 10am -2pm.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains we will scheduled for our next available date that both of us are available.  I may ask for some flexibility if I need to back your session up to a previously scheduled session.

Where do we go for our session?

I travel within a 25 mile radius of my home in Northern Virginia, which includes a wide variety of great locations.  Your home is also an option if you would like an In-Home portrait session.  Please see my locations page and blog for places that I recommend in the local area. Outside of the 25 miles radius, I charge a $75 travel fee.

What is included in my package? 

Depending on your package selection.  All of my packages include some digital images and a print credit.  The digital images are chosen by you from your gallery.  I include a print credit with my packages because I believe that when you invest in photography you should have something tangible to see and display in your home.  See the Session Details Page for specific packages.

The digital images included in your package, you will have the print rights up to an 8×10 size.  You are able to print at your lab of choice 8×10’s and smaller. So the means small gift prints for family, your holiday cards, social media posts, your images can be used for all of those.  Why do I restrict your rights above and 8×10 size? Because there is a huge difference between consumer labs and professional labs.  If you print something large on your walls, I want your friends say “WOW!  Who did that??”  NOT “eewww… who did THAT?”   I give you a print credit included with all packages so you can have a large print in your home that is professionally printed and stunning in your home!

How long does a session last?

Typically about an hour.  I find that much beyond an hour, the kids (and the husbands) are done.  We typically move to a few different spots within our location to have some variety in your images.

What do we wear? 

This is the most asked question I get!  My biggest tip is to wear what your family is comfortable in.  You want clothing/colors that coordinate but are not “matchy matchy”.  I usually suggest choose 2 colors that coordinate with each other and then you can mix in black, white, gray, khaki, even brown sometimes.  Layers on women are always nice and flattering. Take a look through my blog images, you will get a good feel for ideas.  And feel free to send me photos of outfit ideas you have and I can always help guide you.  Take a look at this link “What to Wear for Family Photos” to see some ideas.

My kids are tough…how do you deal with kids?

Kids are kids!  I’m a Kindergarten teacher during the day, if they move fast, I’ll move fast.  I have found the best way to work with children is to have you engaged with them as parents.  I want you to play together, laugh together and enjoy your time.  And just a note… sometimes a little bribery helps.  I’ve had many of my clients tell me when we are finished they “had fun”.  That’s the goal and I want your children to see it as FUN!

What do I need to bring with me?

I suggest a small back to put phones, sunglasses, snacks/water for the kids if needed.  If your child may need a snack to keep them going or for bribery, I’d try to find something that will not stain their face or teeth.  If there is something special you want to bring along, a blanket grandma made or something incorporate in the session, pack it and we will try to use it during our session. Consider bringing bug repellent for your family.

I want to do an in home session but my house is small, dark and not beautifully decorated like a magazine. What do you suggest?

Your house is your home!  It is where your sweet family lives and loves each other.  It is where your children grow and play.  We can use just a few areas of your home, you don’t have to deep clean just for me.  We can decide which rooms you want to use and you can just tidy up those rooms. Straighten up the room, remove some clutter if there is any and we can be creative with angles.  I have a wide lens, I don’t need a lot of room.  And if it’s too dark, we can embrace the shadows and/or pop in a little off camera flash so it doesn’t look like flash.  Your house is your home, let’s embrace this period of life that you are in.

I’m so nervous!  What can I do to help things go smoothly?

The best thing you can do is to try to relax!  The stress is on me, that’s my part, that’s why you hired a professional! Your children will pick up on your anxiety and will act “accordingly”.  I will guide you, we will let your children play and get a mix of posed and also play/fun images.  Please take a few deep breaths and let me do the hard work.

Can I keep my images private?

Of course!  There is a release section on my contract that allows you to mark if you release your images being shared on my website or social media pages.  I do not ever use client names or even first initial of the family’s last name.  Some clients choose to see their images first and then allow them to be shared after they view them.  Whatever your decision is, I respect it!

How long before I can see my images?

Ah… the waiting is the hardest part!  I will do a sneak peek for you of 2-3 images within 72 hours of your session.  Your full gallery will be available to view in 2-3 weeks after your session.

Can we use poses from Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.  If there is a pose or two that you really like, we can try to emulate it but know that traditionally the image will not necessarily look the same.  I try really hard to have unique images that show off your family and your love for each other.  Use pinterest as a source of inspiration but we want what is beautiful and unique about YOUR Family.

Are you ready to get started?

Contact me today and let’s get you on my calendar!!!  703-986-9209