Make Up Tips for Seniors

One of the big things that Senior Girls can do to enhance your Portrait Session is to go for a make up consultation before your session, not necessarily the day of, but about a week or so before.  I highly recommend my friend Charlene Beckett who offers complimentary make up and skin care consultations with Mary Kay Cosmetics. or 703-930-4987.

Don’t take my word for it, one of my recent Senior Clients, Emily M. shares her experience below!

Senior girl looking up at camera, sitting on steps.

“I found the Mary Kay consultation very helpful in creating a natural look for me that accentuated my eyes and brightened my complexion. Charlene helped me find colors that complimented my blue eyes through coral lip colors and natural eye shadows. In addition, she helped me with placement of eye shadows and experimentation with different colors in order to bring out the best features on my face.

One of the things I liked most about the consultation was that the makeup routine she created for me was individualized to my unique face and skin. I was not intimidated by a complex application of heavy makeup, but rather surprised at how a little makeup in the right places can make a great difference. I also really liked that she took my input into consideration when selecting colors and cosmetics to suit my personal preferences.

I definitely felt that I became more confident than I was prior to my makeup consultation because I knew I wasn’t covering my face with a thick mask of makeup. Instead, I was bringing out my natural beauty with a light dusting of makeup in the right places. One thing that I had struggled with throughout my life has been excessively red cheeks. Charlene greatly helped me find a blush color that calmed my redness and made me feel confident that I would look my best in my pictures.

The skin care set that I had purchased from Mary Kay has been the biggest blessing for my skin. I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin hydration and a great decrease in occasional acne severity. Now any blemishes or imperfections that I notice in my complexion greatly diminish or disappear within one or two days, giving the ability to limit my usage of skin correcting makeup.

I would tell seniors that it is important to feel and look your best for your pictures because these photos are going to be distributed to every relative and pasted in every scrapbook. A makeup consultation can give you an extra boost of confidence in addition to the knowledge that when you look back on the photos, you’ll be pleased to see your natural timeless beauty rather than the interesting short-lived makeup trends.

Last pieces of advice I would give are a little makeup in the right places goes a long way and a smile is the best way to complete any makeup look!” — Emily

Be sure to give Charlene a call and let her know that you are have your Senior Portraits with me!  She will take great care of you! or 703-930-4987.

Here a few more from Emily’s Session!

Senior girl standing by an iron gate in Warrenton VASenior girl sitting on rocks by the water