THIS is Family Photography | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I’ve been in business now for 6 years.  I’ve grown as a family photographer in my style, posing, editing and just all around approach.  But this morning as I went to post this image on Instagram, I thought to myself… “This… THIS is it!  THIS is what I would want on my walls in my home, my Christmas card and THIS is what I would want my children to remember when they look back and remember about our family.  THIS is it!  This is what it is all about!”

Family giggling and smiling at each otherSo here I am to share with you “What is Family Photography?”  I could give you bunch of terms and big words and make you feel gushy but I want to show you.  But THIS… This is Family Photography…

Family Photography is Laughter!  LOTS of laughter!!!  You laughing with your kids, not smiling at the camera but smiling and laughing with each other.  Looking at the camera is out… laughing with your family is in.  Big laughs that are contagious and make everyone smile who looks at them.

Kids laughing with parents

Family Photography is about what matters.  What matters is right NOW... what your children are doing right NOW.  Their smirk, their laugh, their bright eyes that you can read everything in, all those little things that you don’t know that you will miss until they stop doing them.

kids piled on parents

Family Photography is playing with your children.  Children play, it’s what they do!  And I want you to play with them.  Don’t look at the camera, look at them, play with them.  If they are running away because you want them to look at the camera, there is a reason… that is boring!  PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS!!

mom and dad tickling sons

Family Photography is meant for EVERYONE!   Everyone, all ages, big kids too.

Family with teenagers walking

Family Photography is YOU!  YOU and YOUR kids and YOUR significant other.  The background can be nice and it helps to create really “pretty images” but YOUR family is the star of the show!  I want you front and center.   THIS is all about this moment right NOW!

family on beach

Family Photography is meant to be PRINTED.  PRINTED and framed on your walls, PRINTED and given to relatives, PRINTED and saved for you to look back on as your children grow, and go from little humans to adults.  Yes, they will grow up, they will move out of your house one day and if you are fortunate they will give you grand children.

child swinging in parents arms

So “What is Family Photography??” It’s This… all of the above and more.